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SketchFramer V1.3.58 

April  2023 HOTFIX

*For Sketchup 2017 +

I accept the terms and conditions and

want to download SketchFramer 1.3.58

MY First Factory

ManuC100 Automatic

Design on Sketchframer, Buy profiles on your local store, and fabricate LGSF structure panels for quick and easy factory supplying business

Currently in the manufacturing process for production, this machine is the gateway to the LGSF structure manufacturing industry. With a very small investment, your business will be producing housing structures from day one. This is made possible by utilizing local suppliers for profiles, which reduces the costs of procurement and raw materials at the outset.

It also comes with a package of ready-to-be-manufactured houses, so you have a concrete product from day one. Estimated delivery date for the first reservations is August 2023.

- Prevent SketchUp crashing (new way of using observers)
- New system for SketchFramer labels&dimensions
- Add 'double click' for SketchFramer labels&dimensions
- Add Aligner as SketchFramer object (can be edited using properties)
- Add default Aligner for new models
- Values from Element Creation are saved in model
- Add labels/dimensions options into the settings
- Add 'toggle visibility' of level in the levels menu
- Add Custom Elements
- Move Visibility buttons from Element Tool into a new dialog
- New Machine ‘FrameMac’
- Positions and size of dialog are saved
- Update Auto-Connection to be more precision

- fix hiding one of slab dimensions

- add multi-select for selecting machines

- add flange value to profile select

- fix endless loop when clicking 'show level below'

- add ESC button for sketchframer tools

- change the orientation of walls on multi-walls feature

- update auto-connection: better connection with tracks

- extend track for triangular panels

- fix PLOT element if weren't full thickness

- fix window units on PLOT

- fix doubled profiles for the truss tool

- add function names for profiles - fix dimension hide after moving the object

- delete a lot of observers

- reverse vertical texts for custom levels

- add tool "copy modulars by arrows" for modulars

- add copy top/bottom with pressed shift for modulars

- add HRS tool for modulars

- add geometry representation for modulars

- add dimensions&labels visibility icons

- add remove HRS tool for modulars

- add justification for HRS tool - fix block CC & service hole verticals tools

- fix scaling a few instances of modulars (one per one)

- change name "Auto focus" -> "Isolation Mode"

- new Isolation Mode (rest of elements are hidden)

- delete labels/dimensions without a parent when showing/hiding them - fix of repeated profiles

- fix justification for openings

- fix cripple openings stud - refactor 'optimalized' -> 'optimized'

- add a warning if the user loads the model from a higher version

- add volume for Custom Elements - add visibility icon

- move the reset names tool into the new visibility tools

- update tolerance behavior for openings

- update openings near corner logic

- add Back to Back tool for CC elements

- fix 'cancel' after the update for openings

- remove 'draw inside face' for tools that aren't 2P

- fix 'web' profiles for BTB truss

- add warning message for TC triple when used on CC elements

- fix autoconnection work for small distances (width of the profile)

- add select openings for GOM

- add warning when GOM is opened from inside of the element

- fix the position of labels for custom elements

- turn the switch into 'grey' for visibility tools

- added service holes for CC wall defaults

- fix wrong position of dimensions – custom scenes

- added „let’s talk about it on forum” link in About section

- multi-profiles can be moved inside of elements

- better first/last stud for Pratt double slope

- fix corner for slope trusses - add ‘triangular’ mode for truss

- new blocks generation - fixed heigh of door

- add ‘width’ for slab edit properties

- add sending weight for individual profiles - fix subdivision count from mode 'blocking & modify'

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