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Project : RP - COLONIA - UY

SketchFramer V1.4.109 

*For Sketchup 2017 +


English / Spanish  version

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want to download SketchFramer 1.4.109

MY First Factory

ManuC100 Automatic

Design on Sketchframer, Buy profiles on your local store, and fabricate LGSF structure panels for quick and easy factory supplying business

Currently in the manufacturing process for production, this machine is the gateway to the LGSF structure manufacturing industry. With a very small investment, your business will be producing housing structures from day one. This is made possible by utilizing local suppliers for profiles, which reduces the costs of procurement and raw materials at the outset.

It also comes with a package of ready-to-be-manufactured houses, so you have a concrete product from day one. Estimated delivery date for the first reservations is August 2023.



Experience architectural excellence with Sketchframer's exclusive Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) structure modeling service.


Our esteemed team at Sketchframer is dedicated to providing precision and expertise in the field of structural design

Simply send us your project blueprints, and let our Sketchframer team take care of the rest.


We'll deliver engineering designs, assembly blueprints, and production files for your structure.

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