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BETA 0.1.2 Released .

Few issues where fixed in this release.

Fixed bug preventing PDF export

Fixed openings being drawn with multiple king studs and just one jack stud, instead of the other way around

Added drawing dimensions

Position second wall stud from wall end, not center of end stud

Fixed overlapping studs/joists

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Willy Ramirez
Willy Ramirez
Sep 15, 2022

Buenas,consulta como descargo este plugin?


affonso nieves
affonso nieves
Jun 11, 2022

Juan Affosno

Hola. consulta, descargue el plugin lo instale, pero no me figura el icono de colocación de aberturas, es algo de seteo o hay algún error, gracias es una herramienta muy buena


I am not sure this is the right place for placing this comment. Any way, here it goes. I think this is the best software for lgsf design I ever had, and I've been in this business for quite a while already ( It is simple, effective and without the constraints much more sofisticated programs carry with them allowing for little freedom as far as an architect coming up with new ideas is concerned.

And now a sugestion. I think it would make this tool easier to work with having the posibility of working with profiles wthout thickness as this makes the files too big when they are a bit sofisticated

Replying to

It is possible to work in sketchframer with the profiles without thickness, that can be configured in tools / visibility / Geo representation.

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